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In the beginning there was one man whose name was Theodor Bastard. In 1996 Theodor discovered wide range of the computer technologies. A boom of an obtrusive ambient, industrial noises and voices of the ulterior creatures - these were in the base of THEODOR's sound.Technologies have changed and the method has changed as well. Having gone through the analogue experiments music of THEODOR has transformed to something indigestible, that can't be easily defined.The title THEODOR BASTARD appeared in 1998. Original troupe has been changed radically. Up to 1999 the band began to make the concerts. Now THEODOR has the proper equipment and has been performing on various stages in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow for two years.Now band is playing mixture of acid-gospel - as it was showed at the festival SKIF-5 - and goa-trip plus microwave plus gothic hip-hop - as it was showed at the festival "Svobodny polet".


The significant part of the conception of THEODOR BASTARD is the polystylism at the unconscious level (Schtokhausen). The inventor of this term - Alfred Shnitke - underlined that "polystylism is the mixture of the external and inner elements, where the external is the influences of styles, glims and echoes of the world, and the inner is the personal style".Our musical technology includes wide range of methods with the various semiotic functions: citation, allusion, stylisation, adaptation, mixing.

Variety of the works is rooted in this conception. We use noise ambient with ethno-rock, adding some other cultural traditions and influences - including pop-music and authentic folk.THEODOR BASTARD is planned to be not just a musical band but special kind of theatre.Our activity in art has always been based on the idea of a parity of the national cultures, convergence of styles and synthesis of languages. THEODOR BASTARD as an independent art unit believes in the ability of art to change the world. We believe in power of music, good and justice. So we dedicate our music to all those victims of the greedy corporations, the victims of the American agression, killed children of Iraq, victims of violence and power of the cynical bussiness dealers who have their deals with blood and death.


The other feature of THEODOR BASTARD is the conscious moving away from the material. We are collaborating with various guest musicians. Music made outside of the band is usually mixed with ideas of THEODOR BASTARD, and finally it gets new unexpectable sound.


This year many things happened to THEODOR BASTARD: tracks were in air, TV-interview, concert with DEADUSHKI and OLE LUKOYE, cover-version of PIG FACE in the complilation "from Russia with love" made by Invisible Records, participation in the compilation of the Russian-Finnish label N&B Research Digest, releasing the album "BossaNova_Trip" made by Planktone and permanent contact with audience - live shows in the best clubs of Russia and Ukraine.


  • "Eight methods to pick lady up" (1996/2001, Fulldozer)
  • "Wave Save" (1999/2001, Fulldozer)
  • " Agorafobia" (2000/2001, Fulldozer)
  • "Live In Heaven" (2000/2001, Fulldozer)
  • "BossaNova_Trip" (2002, Species Of Fishes/Planktone)


  • "The compilation of Petersburg electro-undeground-1" (2000, Fulldozer)(track "Christ", "Soblazn")
  • "The compilation of Petersburg electro-undeground-2" (2001, Fulldozer)(track "Radio Bristol")
  • "From Russia With Love - Russian Tribute To Pig Face" (2001, Invisible/Underground Inc.)(cover "Satellite")
  • Addition to magazine BullDozer#2 (2002, Fulldozer)(track "PU's_Tota")
  • "Geologists And Professional Tourists. Volume 2" (2002, N&B Research Digest) (track "Seiko")
  • "FuzzBOX. vol. 15" (Addition to magazine Fuzz) (2002, FUZZ) (track "Dogma")
  • "Total Time" (2003, NN Records) (track "Vladimir Svinopalov")