.russian experimental electronic band



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If you need our technical requirements, here you are:
  • stage not less than 20 square metres
  • two vocal microphones ("Shure"- type)
  • one instrumental microphone for percussion
  • guitar combo ( "Marshall", "Fender", "Messa-boogie" - type) with a power
    not less than 100Watt
  • bass combo ("Marshall", "Hartke system", "Ampeg", "Trace Elliot" - type)
    with a power not less than 200Watt
  • keyboard stand
  • monitor lines
  • backstage-room with a mirror

  • There are 5 persons in our band, one is female who need a special
    .appartment; two of the band are vegetarians.


If you can't provide all these things, we are ready to discuss your suggestions